What plzCATI is all about

earned its notoriety during the Texas Revolution; when a group of Texians (early Pre-Republic settlers) defiantly rejected an order to hand over their lone cannon at the Battle of Gonzales in 1835. To dare to openly challenge a better-equipped force, with a simple flag to display their response to their enemy’s demand, goes to show how their beliefs stood strong against the odds. This brazen act was all that was needed to set the tone of their resolve.
It is with this inspiration in mind that makes

a new interpretation of such actions. The landscape of the country is evolving, but our society is often slow to change. With the power of our citizenry, we the people, can vote to change this. To have society’s laws reflect the current population’s beliefs and understandings is the desire of the United States. Use the phrase with pride, display it where you deem it fit, and show all that you believe in your right to change our society.